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Our Company Vision & Values

Our mission is to use best practice to solve platelet challenges in drug discovery and development.

We will do this by combining the right expertise, the right controls, and the right experiment to drive the best results.

Our Vision

To support every drug discovery project that requires platelet testing.

Our Values

Getting it done together

We take a collaborative and supportive approach with our clients and each other, remaining accessible and responsive to provide a quick turnaround.

Solving challenges

Platelets are in our blood (literally!), and we know how tricky they are to work with. We bring our unique and unparalleled experience to your projects and relish in the challenge.

Keeping an open mind

We understand that every project is different. Using our flexible and versatile approach, we draw on the diverse skills across the team to match the right expertise for each project.

Creating an inspiring place to work

We enjoy the work that we do and who we work with. Our people-first approach helps us to inspire others to develop and grow.

Doing the right thing

Integrity is at the heart of all we do. We are not afraid to challenge and find different ways to get the right results. We are diligent and use best practice to drive the best results delivering high-quality data, whilst taking pride in our work.

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