Our team can advise on every aspect of platelet function and help you determine if your candidate compound has an effect on platelet function. Whether you are interested in investigating the activity and potency of anti-platelet drugs or want to rule out the possible side effects of lead compounds targeting platelet-unrelated conditions, get in touch with us.

We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide you with a customised solution.

You will receive a clear, complete data set along with a comprehensive report to answer your research questions and facilitate the continuous development of your compound.

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We offer all conventional assays for testing platelet function:

Platelet aggregation
in plasma

In platelet rich plasma (PRP)
measured by light
transmission (LTA)

Platelet aggregation
in whole blood

In whole blood measured
by single platelet counting
(flow cytometry)

Platelet activation

In whole blood or PRP,
stimulated and fixed samples
(flow cytometry)


In fixed whole blood
(flow cytometry)

Intracellular signalling

VASP phosphorylation in
whole blood or PRP (surrogate
measure for cAMP levels;
flow cytometry)

If you need other assays
we can design on demand
– please get in touch and
discuss your requirements