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Platelet Society Annual Meeting (Aberdeen, 2024)

In vitro assays to de-risk new cancer therapeutics: comparing the effects of BH3-mimetics on platelet viability

EUPLAN 2023 (Bristol, 2023)

Assessment in vitro of potential effects of therapeutic oligonucleotides on platelet function

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 (London, 2022)

The role of platelet function and viability testing in addressing observations of suspected drug-induced thrombocytopenia.

Platelet Society Annual Meeting (Hull, 2022)

Application of platelet testing in drug discovery.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2021 (Liverpool, 2021)

Platelet function testing in drug discovery projects: considerations and challenges.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2019 (Liverpool, 2019)

Platelet aggregation and activation assessed in small volumes of fixed whole blood – high throughput assays for testing the effects of pharmacological compounds on platelet function.

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