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Platelet viability

Our scientists can assess cytotoxicity of drugs in development by determining their effects on platelet viability.

Certain compounds have been shown to induce platelet apoptosis, the process of programmed cell death. Platelet apoptosis is characterised by cytoplasmic shrinkage, membrane blebbing and increased surface expression of phosphatidylserine (PS).

Cytotoxic effects of drugs on platelets can be measured by several in vitro assays. We currently offer the measurement of PS exposure by Annexin V binding and measurement of mitochondrial metabolic rate by absorbance using MTS* reagent to indirectly assess viable cell numbers, which is a high throughput assay and allows multiple conditions to be tested.

Platelet apoptosis induced by the range of concentrations of calcium ionophore A23187 in washed platelets assessed by Annexin V binding (black curve) and MTS assay (pink curve) after a 3 hour treatment.


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