ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 (London, 2022)

The role of platelet function and viability testing in addressing observations of suspected drug-induced thrombocytopenia. Please click here for a .pdf of the poster.

Platelet Society Annual Meeting (Hull, 2022)

Application of platelet testing in drug discovery. Please click here for a .pdf of the poster.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2021 (Liverpool, 2021)

Platelet function testing in drug discovery projects: considerations and challenges. Please click here for a .pdf of the poster.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2019 (Liverpool, 2019)

Platelet aggregation and activation assessed in small volumes of fixed whole blood – high throughput assays for testing the effects of pharmacological compounds on platelet function. Please click here for a .pdf of the poster.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2019 (Liverpool, 2019)

A simple one-step approach for measuring phosphorylated VASP in blood and platelet rich plasma by flow cytometry. Please click here for a .pdf of the poster.


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