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EUPLAN International Conference: post event round-up

Platelet Services’ Charlotte Jewell and Paul Cato recently jetted off on an exciting trip to Milan, Italy to attend the EUPLAN International Conference. It took place at the beautiful University of Milan, which possesses important artistic and cultural heritage dating back to the 15th Century. 

EUPLAN international conferenceCharlotte and Paul were delighted to join fellow scientists from across Europe to hear state of the art lectures and presentations covering a broad range of topics in platelet biology. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet friends, old and new, in-person and establish new collaborations. 

Key highlights

We enjoyed all the talks, but a handful of key highlights include Delia Irene Fernández De La Fuente’s lecture on the use of ultra-high throughput screening for identifying novel calcium-dependent antiplatelet drugs with discriminative mode of receptor-dependent action and Matthew Harper’s discussion on “Microfluidic devices to study platelet thrombus formation in vitro”. Matthew presented a thrombosis-on-a-chip microfluidic device that generated occlusive thrombi. It is always interesting to hear about the research being done in academia and to consider what it might mean for the future of the pharmaceuticals industry.

We also attended a fascinating talk by Paul Armstrong on “Temporal labelling uncovers functional and molecular changes of platelets as they age in the circulation”. Paul and his group developed an in vivo temporal labelling method to sub-divide platelets by age to assess differences in their functional and molecular characteristics.

Thank you EUPLAN!

It was a privilege to attend the EUPLAN international conference this year, and we are incredibly grateful to EUPLAN for hosting such a well-run event. Stay tuned to our news page to find out about upcoming events the Platelet Services team will be attending in the coming months.


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