Intracellular signalling – VASP phosphorylation

Intracellular signalling – VASP phosphorylation

VASP (vasodilator stimulated phosphoprotein) phosphorylation is routinely measured as a surrogate measure for cAMP levels. Measurement of VASP-P enables the monitoring of agents that act at cell-surface receptors linked to stimulation or inhibition of adenylate cyclase and agents that regulate the activity of phosphodiesterases.

Especially developed by the team, our novel technology VASPFix provides a sensitive assay for monitoring VASP phosphorylation in platelets. We offer an assay that is very simple to perform, with the added advantage that, once treated with VASPFix, the samples can be frozen and analysed by flow cytometry at any point, making this service time-efficient and flexible.

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