Introducing Wendy Tomlinson

The Platelet Services team is delighted to welcome Wendy Tomlinson as our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

In just over 2 years of operating, the number of clients and volume of business for our core platelet function offering has surpassed our expectations and we are seeing ever more diverse requests, requiring broadening and diversification of our assay platforms and capabilities. Wendy’s appointment will provide us with the increased capacity and expertise to respond and deliver to these client needs. Wendy joins us from Xenogesis, where she was Director of Cell-Based Assay Development. Importantly, Wendy’s assay development credentials are rooted in platelet function testing. During her time in the P2Y12 antagonist project team at Astra/AstraZeneca, she designed, developed and implemented innovative test systems that were pivotal to the discovery and profiling of the anti-platelet agents cangrelor and ticagrelor. Wendy also brings to the team a deep knowledge of the drug discovery process and of tailoring test systems to the requirements of project teams. With Wendy’s appointment, we are a step closer to achieving our ambition of being the ultimate “go to” provider of platelet function testing support to the global pharmaceutical R&D community.


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